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We have been in the aerospace industry for nearly 30 years and rc aero modeling for even longer with expertise in Rhino CAD , Xpert MILL, and Desk Proto.

Rcmodelcomposites produce all types of carbon composite parts in various decorative effects and colours . Where we are different is that we have extensive CAD and CNC experience in turning your design from a sheet of paper, photocopy or even photograph into a beautiful mirror carbon . If you can send us a standard .jpg  .tiff or .dxf .dwg file all the better.  All you need to do is send us a copy of your required design and we can make it a reality…it really is that simple.


Have you ever wanted a detail on your model reproduced in carbon, GRP, wood or a light carbon composite sandwich…? …The radio installation plate or exposed fuselage formers ?

We have reproduced or created new carbon composite parts from gear doors and a cockpit frame for a CARF spitfire, servo plates, engine baffles for DA200 and Moki engines. Jetpipe holders for Jetcat engines. We have just created scale aerial sets for the CARF hawk.

We can take your sketch or drawing and turn it into carbon composite . All we need is a drawing sketched with a ruler next to it or a photocopy of the article.

We also can produce our own carbon composite which is vacuum or infusion formed in house. This enables us to create very strong light and thin sheet as well as carbon sheet of any thickness or properties. Check out the articles for the different carbon and colour effects possible.

The process starts with a drawing.. This can be a sketch, photocopy or picture. As long as it is accurate to your needs and not taken or drawn at an angle. The more accurate the starting point the more accurate the finished piece. If exact dimensions are detailed then the part will be accurate to within 0.1mm . We also need one measurement drawn against a sketch (or a ruler in the picture if a photo)


drawing of DA200 baffle

Drawing of DA200 engine baffle

This drawing is then imported to CAD software.


DA200 baffle imported to CAD

The CAD .dxf file is then converted to a milling CNC .nc file.

Milling CNC file creation

Milling CNC file creation

and finally CNC file created on the milling machine.


Screenshot 2016-01-16 21.41.57


The final carbon composite is cut…..

IMG_5190 2

Bottom part of DA200 baffle kit.

Baffle for a DA200 Partly Assembled

The carbon baffle installed with the rest of the CNC parts

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